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00:00 : Start
00:40 : The Memory Game
03:29 : Rearrange
05:17 : The Gibberish Game
07:31 : The Other Hand
09:49 : Con the Brian

These 5 interesting and exciting brain games will help you to increase your mind and brain power in multiple ways. Some of the games will increase your focus and concentration while others will add to improve your memory and retention. Some brain games will help you to be gain more attention and others will help you to remember what you read. If you are a student, then these brain games can help you to remember what you study and perform better in your exams. Even if you are not a student, sharper brain and strong memory will always be beneficial to you in many areas of life.

I am sure you will enjoy and learn while playing these brain games. I will keep making many more such videos to help you in your study, career and life.

Lot’s of Love,
Him eesh

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