Check out these 25 brain games and mystery puzzles that mystery experts solve fast! Can you solve them without any mistakes? Test your skills and ability to think fast! And if you feel like you need more time to think, you can always pause the video 😉 You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these cases in the comments 🙂

00:14 – It was Lisa and Bob’s wedding… Soon after the ceremony, they died! How did this happen? Test your detective skills with this crime riddle!
01:22 – Boost your logical thinking and increase your detective skills with this criminal case! You have to talk to the suspects and find the criminal!
02:13 – Boost your attention and exercise your brain with a set of visual puzzles! Guess who is from the future!
03:50 – Test your detective skills and boost your logical thinking with this crime puzzle! Who is the smuggler?
05:14 – Who is a fake ghost? Solve these visual puzzles for kids and adults if you want to increase your attentiveness and test your logic!
06:45 – This blood-freezing riddle with an answer will blow your mind! Try not to break your head solving it 😉
08:26 – A set of fun warming-up puzzles to prepare your brain for more serious tasks! If your brain needs a good kick-start in the morning just like mine, this is a perfect workout to make it work!
09:53 – A fun riddle to test your logic and general knowledge! Do you what makes vampires disappear? Try to give an answer before the time is up!
11:12 – A tricky picture puzzle that will test your skills and show if you can be a vampire (zombie, ghost) hunter! You should be not only physically strong, but your mind should also be as sharp as a blade. Take the hardest brain teasers to boost your logic!
12:20 – A mysterious riddle on logic that will blow your mind away and make you recollect everything you know about vampires🧛 Are you smart enough to crack this logic riddle and help Lily get away from this strange house? Tell me in the comments!
13:45 – It’s a visual brain game to warm up your brain! Who is the undead? Test your analytical thinking right now!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which question was the hardest for you!

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