Are you searching for fun ways to entertain your dog and keep them mentally stimulated? If so you should probably consider adding brain games to their routine.

Brain games improve your pup’s life by giving them meaningful things to do. And because these activities reduce boredom they can also reduce the chances of your pup developing behavioral issues such as excessive chewing or barking.
If you’re in need of some easy ways to challenge your dog’s mind. Check out this video

Learn about the 10 Easy Brain Games for your dog or puppy by using the timestamps below:

Get Your Dog Involved in a Treasure Hunt : 01:08
Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog : 01:58
Teach Your Dog the Names of their Toys: 02:45
Teach Your Dog to Put their Toys Away : 04:13
Play Food Puzzle Games with Your Dog : 05:19
Play the Shell Game with Your Dog : 06:10
Teach Your Dog New Tricks: 07:07
Play Tricks on Your Dogs with Your Hands: 08:16
Use Food Dispensing Toys: 09:02
Train Your Dog Using an Obstacle Course: 09:45

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🔴IQ Treat Ball: 09:25

🔴Dog Obstacle Course: 10:02

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