This set of 21 brain games will make you think fast! Solving riddles and quizzes 20 minutes a day improves your logical thinking and enlarges your general knowledge. If you want your brain to work faster then try to solve different puzzles and trivia on a daily basis and the result will surprise you! You’re welcome to share your progress in the comments!

00:14 – An intriguing survival riddle to boost your skills and make your wheels turn😉 Would you survive if you were that traveler? I bet I wouldn’t, though the solution seems to be so obvious and simple. Will you crack this hard riddle on time to save your life and prove you’re a true survivor?😉
01:29 – A bunch of short text riddles to warm up your brain and boost your brain activity.
03:14 – A tricky crime riddle we can’t solve without an experienced Detective! Would you help us this time? Your brilliant logic and great analytical skills will let you solve this case for sure! If you need some more time to find the answer, just pause the video and take your time😜
04:23 – Look at the two pictures and tell me what’s similar here! Easy logic puzzles to make your logic run and mind work! Surprisingly, kids crack these logic puzzles without any difficulties, while adults struggle a lot! So are you a kid in your heart? 🕺
05:33 – This tricky short riddle will blow your mind away and make you sweat hard. Just one chance which the life of a person depends on. What should he say to save his life? Only a genius will crack this hardcore riddle with an answer!
06:37 – Can you read what’s written in here? Let’s see if you have a well-trained brain and good logical skills!
08:28 – Murder riddle that needs a keen eye and strong brain to crack! Another husband (so many of them!) claims he is innocent! But you and the detective know that he is lying! Just look at him, look at the crime scene, the evidence is right there, you just can’t miss it!
09:36 – These survival tips and short riddles with answers will show if you’re ready to come across a situation and get out alive! You have two options, which one would you choose? To crack this puzzle, just turn on your brain and use your logic, but don’t forget about your survival instincts!
11:09 – A short math puzzle to check out your math skills! Can you solve it before the time is up?
11:55 – Only a cold-minded person will be able to crack this visual puzzle and make this hard choice! Which one should be cut off the rope to save the others? Challenge yourself and try to solve this task on your own 😜

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