Besides genetics and nutrition, brain biochemistry can be modified by learning and experience. Neuroplasticity works in the same way human muscles do; by gaining strength with use or atrophy with disuse. The brain also responds by getting stronger with activity and becoming weaker with inactivity.

Playing games are great brain exercises because they:

Force you to think differently

Can engage many thought processes

Offer opportunities to continually learn and memorize new information

And most importantly..

Are fun and can be socially interactive

These are 3 free games that I found in google searches. I tried Luminosity but they want you to enter in your email address, ss#, and mother’s maiden name (that last bit was a joke btw) to start an account before you can even do anything and I get enough spam email as it is.

So let’s get started shall we.

3.) Free Brain Age Games

This is a nifty site that crudely determines “Brain Age” (which may or may not constitute a copyright infringment on a certain nintendo ds game). It’s kind of generic but I think it’s simplicity is what lends to it’s charm and makes for a nice introductory into computer brain games.

Pros: No need to enter personal data to play, Ability to track your results
Cons: Crude, Limited Content, Not Very Challenging

2.) Kerobics

Kerobics boasts that they contain the largest collection of brain games on the net, which seems highly suspect but I have neither the interest nor the ability to dispute the claim. And while it certainly has alot more games to choose from than Free Brain Age Games does, many are locked until you create an account.

Pros: Many games, Variable Difficulty Levels, Progress Tracking
Cons: Requires login to unlock full site, Service Cap (Without Login)

1.) Games For The

This is by far my favorite collection of free online Brain Games. Featuring many of the standard cognitive training fare like, Problem Solving, Focus and Concentration, Numerical Ability, and Memory. Most of these games are simple to play but difficult to master. I’m partial to Colored Lines myself.

Pros: Classic game selections, Language selection, No Personal Data Required
Cons: Few Language Games, No Game Saves