Are you brave enough to take this challenge? 97% fail these easy brain games, eye tests (color blind tests) and picture puzzles. Will you? Let’s find out:

00:14 – Easy card trick for kids and adults just to relax your mind before the intense brain workout (or vision workout).
00:43 – Color Blind Test – hard riddles to pass
02:55 – What numbers do you see? – Tricky riddles
These tricky riddles trick everyone around and rarely manage to fail to do so. If your vision is perfect and brain is fast, you’ll crack this quiz without any effort!
04:15 – Optical Illusions to test your eyes and mine can’t handle these tricky pictures at all!
05:37 – Visual test – Color test
This cool visual test will probably make you look beyond the realm of possibility and see what ordinary human beings cannot see. Do you have an average eyesight or you can distinguish the slightest shades of color? If so, you should definitely try out painting or photography. Who knows, you may be our new Leonardo Da Vinchi! Anyway, this visual puzzle is a good way to relax your eyes at midday.
08:19 – Awesome optical illusions for kids and adults
10:03 – Odd one out, a nice break for your brain (not an easy one, but a nice one!)
11:39 – Which one is bigger? Mind-breaking optical illusion
What a great optical illusion to confuse your brain! But this cool riddle will only trick those who do not have that perfect vision and keen eye we all want to have 🤪 TELL me IN THE COMMENTS, if this optical riddle was easy for you (I’m really dying to know!).
12:56 – Amazing color illusion! Tell me IN THE COMMENTS whether these pictures are black&white or colored?

Which one of these fun brain games, eye tests, picture puzzles, optical illusions, visual tests and color blind tests did you like the most?

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