Brain games and Fun Activities for Kids – BIG collection of spot the difference, odd one out and hidden object visual puzzles. This mix of interactive emoji puzzles will improve concentration and focus for kids, testing their skills in a variety of photo hunt visual brain teasers.

This kid-friendly video has over 30 colorful brain teasers and emoji puzzles for kids. These activities and exercises all help children to focus and concentrate, without being aware that it is an exercise. This is a fun indoor activity for kids that will entertain them with the colorful illustrations and clever puzzles. Encourage them to play along, as the puzzles are meant to be interactive.

With the visual puzzles, the child is encourage to just sit and try to solve each emoji riddle with their eyes. There are 3 types of concentration exercises:
1.) Spot the difference: You are given 2 emoji pictures side by side. Try to find something different in the right picture.
2.) Find the odd emoji out: Find 1 emoji different from the rest in the sequence
3,) Find the hidden emoji: This twist on the popular hidden object games require you to hunt for a specific emoji hidden in the picture.

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