Click left to discover how Brain Games, Brain Training Games for Adults can help Alzheimers Prevention, restore memory and improve brain health.

You can exercise your brain in other ways as well. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, foreign language acquisition, and even board games can all help keep your brain supple and sharp, although we don’t exactly know why. One complicating factor is what’s known as a proxy effect in play, meaning a person who does Sudoku tends to be more active, engaged, and educated than one who does not, and it’s hard to examine this activity in isolation.

The dose effect is also a big question mark: does a person who does Sudoku for three hours a day benefit three times as much as a person who does it for only one? AS inn so many areas of brain research, the details are hard to drill down, but it is clear that these activities have a protective effect on our brains.

Though like many brain-training programs, the positive effects might last only as long as people do the activities: the improvements might not stick.

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