The truth is you don’t really need to spend much time on doing research and looking for a way to boost your IQ level. It’s been proven that solving riddles and brain games helps you increase your IQ, boost your brain, and improve your logic.

Besides, cracking brain teasers and puzzles helps you workout your analytical skills and develop right creativity for solving problems in your life. Let’s start our fun brain workout:

00:14 – A mind-blowing personality test that will ask you to make a decisions between two points. Not only your answers will reveal some hidden facts about your personality, but the way you think as well. If you take your choices quickly, you’re a determined person and know exactly what you want. If you often doubt about, you need to work on your self-evaluation and set priorities in your life. Was this true about you?
02:12 – Best riddles on crime. Listen carefully to each word and try to crack this crime riddle. Best riddle on crime that will test your ability to pay attention to details and process information well! This cool brain teaser with answer will either blow your mind or boost your brain!
04:12 – Popular riddle on escape to test your logic (alert: easy riddle you have to be able to solve).
05:27 – This intriguing personality test requires you to choose honestly between two opposite situations even if they are too hard to pick one. If you at least dare to start this test, then you already a very brave person who is ready to face their fears. I found out a lot about myself, but the truth wasn’t pretty sweet😔 Are you ready to know unpleasant truth? If so, turn your brain off and choose with your heart, then the information will be credible. Has it turned your world upside down?
08:18 – Let’s see if you can solve this difficult riddle! The solution may seem obvious to you, but who can vouch for our neighbors? Would you take a chance and trust your companion or try to save yourself? The game’s on! A tricky riddle with answer that will make you sweat and rack your brains!
09:51 – When we have to accept the lesser of two evils, the most important thing is do this without beating ourselves up or regretting too much. How do you act when a situation changes too sharply or you have to make your choice really quickly? Take this personality test to know it!
10:31 – Would you dare to go through these brain games where you have to choose one of the alternatives? You can’t refuse to choose and can’t pick both options. Yes, it’s a really hard challenge because many people just can’t make a choice at all. Are you brave enough to reach the end?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS would you rather be locked in the prison or let your wife/husband to serve instead of you?

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