Castle Defense 3 is an exciting strategy game for kids and adults! Use your brain to use the money you have to protect the castle.
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Full instructions:
The last standing castle of the kingdom is under fierce attacks from the enemy. Can you defend the fortress from destruction and wipe out the invading troops? The castle will be located at the end of a path, and the enemy tanks will travel along the path with the aim to seize the fortress. When the game starts, you will first be given $1000 to purchase 3 different types of cannons. A list which shows the specifications of the cannons will be presented, listing the power, frequency, range and price for each of the models. Click the corresponding tab on the list to select a model, then click the Buy button at the bottom of the list. You can then move your mouse to select a suitable location, and click to place the weapon on the roadside. After you have spent all of your resources, the first wave of enemies will launch. When they enter the attacking range of your weapons, the cannons will shoot automatically. If an invading tank is destroyed, you will receive extra resources to purchase more weapons. During the battle, you may still buy and sell cannons to improve your strategy. To do so, simply click the Buy and Sell buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen. If the enemies enter the castle, a part of the fortress will be destroyed, as indicated by the life gauge. If the fortress is completely destroyed, you lose. The attacking forces will become stronger as you advance in the game. Defend the beacon of hope for your kingdom before it is ruined!