Think you’re pretty switched on? Watch this quick video to put your concentration to the test!

Do we really see everything going on around us?

We may feel we do, but the reality is our conscious attention – the part of our brain that can focus and actively ‘think’ – is very limited.

Of all the information coming into our brain we can only pay attention to a fraction: less than 1%!

This is the cause of a phenomenon called ‘inattentional blindness’ – the ‘blind spots’ created by our brain’s limitations.

This means from time to time, we will miss things.

We may also overlook changes in our environment, even when they happen right in front of us!

This simple activity shows there’s a limit to what our brain can handle, and we need to think about what we focus on, especially at times of increased risk.

What blind spots do you need to be managing today?

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