Dodge cannon shots while occasionally having to perform lots of crazy poses and moves to avoid incoming walls.
➡️ This game is perfect for kids looking to exercise and to have fun from the comfort of their own homes. This is one of our more interactive games because the kids are also encouraged to perform boxing moves to knock cannonballs back towards the cannons.

Dodge World: QB Cannons is one of our more intense games, suitable for more experienced players and kids looking for a bit of fun challenge.
➡️ Your kids will absolutely love the Fitness game into your schedule as a brain break or PE warm-up.
Welcome to DODGE WORLD: where Dodging balls is just the start. Dodge balls, walls, and anything else that is thrown at you. But there’s more than dodging, there’s catching and throwing, and punching too! Perfect for the NFL Football Playoffs and road to the Super Bowl.

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This is perfect for classroom brain breaks, movement breaks, PE warm ups, and living room family fitness… for kids of all ages: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, all the way up to adults.

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