Here is a set of cool brain teasers that every detective can solve! If you have an average IQ, you can crack at least half of these riddles, so don’t waste your time and get ready to start. Solving quizzes and puzzle games is a great way to educate yourself. I can assure you that these puzzle games will improve your critical thinking and enlarge your general knowledge.

00:14 – Here is a difficult criminal case to test your detective skills and logic! Who killed George?
02:08 – Exercise your brain and prepare it for more serious tasks! This is a simple code even a person with the average IQ will crack. Did you do it on time?
03:38 – Who escaped from prison? Check this portion of visual puzzles if you want to warm up your brain and increase your attentiveness!
05:11 – This is a riddle based on a true story so you have a chance to know if you’re smarter than an experienced criminal. Can you find out which girl is going to escape? Think carefully as it’s a mission-impossible level riddle😉
06:17 – This set of picture puzzles will give your brain a perfect workout if you take them seriously and do your best!😜 How much time did it take you to solve them all?
08:07 – A criminal case that only a smart detective will be able to solve! Turn your logic on and try to find the killer!
09:37 – You will have to think outside the box if you want to crack this detective riddle on time. The code is really hard, but it contains a hint in itself. Will you find it before your time’s up?
11:09 – Test your IQ level with this brain-boosting riddle! Try to crack the code and guess the password before the time is up 😉
12:32 – A short teaser to boost your brain! Who’s leaving prison?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the easiest for you!

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