Everyone around the world has favorite childhood games and we all used to play them for the same reasons. Whether it was to pass time, make friends, challenge ones-self or simply to have fun. Surprisingly, games are just as popular among seniors and the elderly for the same reasons. In this video we’ll discuss some of the benefits of playing games with seniors as well as some game suggestions.

The four main benefits of brain games we cover in the video are cognitive function, social/ emotional connections, advanced thinking skills and decreased reaction time. By joining a Chess club, hosting a card night or solving puzzles with friends you can enjoy these benefits with a senior or loved one.

Online gaming has also made it easier than ever to stay connected by playing together on the internet when separated or socially distanced for reasons such as COVID. If you are interested in learning more about ways to care for your loved one contact Visiting Angels to find or become a caregiver today. #visitingangels #seniorcare #braingames

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