It’s time for the 50th Flashback episode!

We at KTX are celebrating the only way we know how: by going to the arcade… the Funbrain Arcade!

From Penguin Drop all the way to Mighty Guy 2, we play through all the games from the Funbrain Arcade in this 50th Flashback Extravaganza!!



Flashback Intro (0:00)

Funbrain Arcade Intro (0:15)

1) Penguin Drop (2:06)

2) Mighty Guy/Girl (3:19)

3) Water Bug (5:05)

4) Roly Poly Rodeo (6:27)

5) Creepy Crawlers (7:44)

6) Switch (12:12)

(we used Flash Offliner to play the .swf file)

7) Extreme Air (13:37)

8) Swarm (14:27)

9) Planetary Pinball (16:01)

10) Pig Toss (21:28)

11) Music Memorizer (23:14)

12) Mighty Guy/Girl 2 (25:56)

13) Croc Hopper (RIP)

Funbrain Arcade Outro (30:06)


Browser can’t play flash games? We use Pale Moon (32 bit version, the 64 bit doesn’t run flash):


Thank you to Cory Croft for the awesome intro music! Check him out here:


End Card Song:


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