Brainvita game also called MARBLE SOLITAIRE, Peg Solitaire,it is a single person board game. It involves moving marbles from one position to another position on the board according to rules. The objective is to have as few marbles as possible at the end of the game.
The objective is to move marbles, at the end of the game there should be single marble in center.

Brainvita Rules:-
The board consists of holes(positions) which can hold marbles. All positions, except one, have marbles placed in them at the start of the game. A valid move for a marble is moving it from its position to an empty position(which is two positions away, horizontally or vertically) by jumping over a non-empty position. The marble in the ‘jumped’ position is removed from the board. The game ends when there is no valid move possible.

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This game can play any one . Entertainment is not limit for age . Play at home.