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Can You Guess The App By Emoji !?
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Welcome to a new Game 2022 – 2023.
Awesome EYE Puzzles and Riddles! | Find The Object Game!

Finding Game | Find The Hidden Object | AR Entertainment | Master Mind Game | Brain Booster

Find The Hidden Animal | Find The Different Emoji | Find The Number | Missing Circle | Multiple Game

Find The Almond
Find The Chili
Find The Coffee Bean
Find The Bangle
Find The Bat

Here are some puzzles that will test your brain!

So take this puzzle test and find out your score. This is also similar to find the difference , spot the odd emoji etc.

Do tell me below if you manages to get all of them and beat the challenge and also share so that you can see how well your friends did compared to you!

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There are 5 rounds here and you have 25/30 seconds to find the answer. you can pause if you want ??.
Can you Find The Hidden Objects out in this collection of emoji puzzles? Try to find in challenge before the timer runs out. In each puzzle for kids, there is one emoji that is slightly different from the rest. You need to be quick and good with your eyes to complete each one and find the answer.
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