On of the sleepiest and most underrated ASMR channels on YouTube… BillMaxVoxPax Delighted to announce that Bill has released a brand new video: . SUBSCRIBE to Bill here: and demand he makes more videos!

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All joking aside a huuuge thanks to Bill for allowing us to feature him and for making a new video. I only discovered Bill MaxVoxPax in the past few weeks and quickly went through his entire ASMR video collection, quite a few times. On Bill’s channel he does a variety of ASMR videos, and honestly we could have featured any of them, (I’d especially recommend his Absurtist ASMR video) but the videos I found most relaxing are his Codebreaker gameplay videos or Mastermind as we call it in Ireland/UK. He’s easily of the most underrated ASMR channels I’ve come across so far and deserved to be huge. Hopefully our little feature can help. So sit back, relax and sleep well.

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Latest video:
One of my personal favourite videos of BillMaxVoxPax:

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