Take an adventure through all the winter scenes as you help Mario help get the little penguin back to its mama! Each round, decide which path will help get the little penguin home. Guess correctly and earn yourself one point! Then dodge all of the obstacles as you run through the winter scene. Jump in the warp pipe to guess the next correct path. Get the little penguin home to its mama and earn yourself a star! Good luck!

There are 8 rounds. Feel free to break it up and do some levels now and some later!

Stay until the end for a new Shout Outs feature! If you’d like your class, school, or student featured in the next shout outs, be sure to drop a comment below! Thanks for the continued support!

0:09 – Intro
0:50 – Level 1
1:34 – Level 2
2:13 – Level 3
3:00 – Level 4
3:44 – Level 5
4:30 – Level 6
5:16 – Level 7
6:04 – Level 8
7:31 – Shout Outs!!!

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