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Are you ready to relax while creating colorful forms in the Super Star game?

Complete the level by figuring out the best method to position pieces on the board without overlapping them. Playing Super Star Blast is both soothing and demanding, making it a fun way to pass the time for everyone!

To complete the star, users must just drag the oddly shaped blocks. Thousands of puzzle games, ranging from simple to exceedingly challenging, provide nearly limitless entertainment. This game aids in the development of spatial and cognitive abilities. Use the tips tool to help you continue solving if you get stuck at any time.

How To Play?

– Users must first create seven triangles ‘blockers.’
– Users must fill the full star after dragging the shape into it.


– Most relaxing puzzle games
– Designed to be playable by one hand
– More than 165888 new brain sharpening star levels
– Relaxing logical puzzles that challenge your mind.
– Free online and offline block puzzle games, forever.
– Entertain your brain for minutes or hours.
– Enjoy new online and offline games at any time, anyplace, and in a short amount of time.
– Perfect to relieve your stress and release your artist potential!
– Train your brain: keep yourself mentally fit every day!
– There’s no end to the fun with over a dozen challenges.
– There is no time limit.
– This game is easy to jump into, but hard to put down.

The gameplay is appealing and relaxing: spin the pieces, and as you come closer to the ideal angle, the pieces will combine into a stunning artwork picture! Love Super Star is one of the greatest choices for you if you enjoy coloring puzzle games and form art brain games.

Super Star is a brain-teasing logic puzzle that is available for free. It teaches spatial principles as well as problem-solving techniques. It’s excellent for maintaining intellectual ability.

Not only is The Super Star tougher than The Super Square, but it also includes a fiendishly difficult additional challenge for the most dedicated puzzlers. Users must first create seven triangles ‘blockers.’ There will be times when it appears impossible to complete, but there will ALWAYS be a solution… which is why it’s named The Super Star!

Additionally, each challenge comes with a new twist, called the Super Star. If you want to play it safe, you can complete the challenge as usual.

Our games are designed to aid in the development of your mental powers. Your brain cannot develop or build muscles as you walk. The more you exercise your brain, the more synaptic connections it forms. More oxygen-rich blood rushes to your brain as your brain becomes more active.

Let’s download and enjoy the game.

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