Welcome to the Encanto Run. Mirabel is on the search for her door. She thinks the only way to get there is to travel through all the doors in the Madrigal household. You will be presented with two doors to travel through. Choose the door you think Mirabel should travel through to get to her own door. Guess correctly and score one point. Then travel through their room and avoid all the obstacles to find Mirabel’s door.
Buena Suerte, or, Good luck!

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Isabela’s Spring Run | Encanto Brain Break | Exercise for Kids | GoNoodle Inspired

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Level 1
2:17 – Level 2
3:40 – Level 3
4:53 – Level 4
6:21 – Mirabel’s Door
6:42 – Thank you!!!

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Artwork on the final door featuring Mirabel and Abuela is credited to “Don’t Pour Ink on your Tablet”. Find more artwork and get yourself some commissioned work from eurazba on Tumblr here – eurazba.tumblr.com

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