The Grinch is back in Whoville to show off his dance moves, the beloved character from the classic Dr. Seuss story! The Grinch has finally realized that Christmas doesn’t come from the store, it comes from the dance moves you show on the dance floor! Show Whoville what ya got! Don’t get caught by Cindy Lou Who, be sure to freeze and copy the pose!

Whoville is also the home to some incredible puppies! Keep a lookout for the Grinch Puppy Races mini game! Choose your puppy, copy the pose to show your choice, then run in place to power up your puppy and help it win! There a three rounds, see if you can get them all right!

0:08 Intro and DANCE!
1:28 Dance with the Rockettes!
2:35 The Grinch Puppy Races! Mini Game
4:20 More Dancing in Whoville!

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