What are good brain games?

If you wish to develop your mental capacity while playing, the following question may arise. What are good brain games? They normally make you think hard or deploy some strategy in order to win. In any case, you feel some strain involving your mental activity.

Pattern matrix

This one works with pattern recognition, improving this area of cognitive skills. Actually, it’s pretty simple to play. You need to tap the matching tiles to make them disappear. They can vary in color and sometimes are rotated. Therefore, spatial thinking also grows as you play Pattern matrix.

Pattern matrix


Planning skills development is the main focus of this game. You have a meadow with a cute sheep that keeps trying to escape. You need to place obstacles around the animal so that it stays inside the fence.


A charming little penguin improves your working memory. Remember where it is located on the iceberg and what color it is. Also, keep in mind the fish location. After they disappear, you have to pick the correct spots for both of them.

How to tell what are good brain games

Proper ones are supposed to be educational and engaging. If you’re not interested in the process, it will be harder for you to learn. At the same time, there must be some challenge in it. Tasks that are too simple, most probably, won’t help develop your mind capacities.

Decent examples boost your concentration, memory, vocabulary, tactical skills, mental flexibility, abstract thinking, etc. All these aspects can be improved as you play.


So, what are good brain games? We hope this article gave you an answer to this question. Now you can easily choose a proper one using our recommendations. Want to race against friends and players from around the world? Join Smash Karts at kevin.games/smash-karts.